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It's so easy! Let OxyClassifieds do the work for you.

Never been easier to publish a classifieds site. With OxyClassifieds you can do this in minutes. Try out our feature-rich, powerful and flexible classifieds, you'll like it!

Mobile support

More and more people use mobile devices to access your classified site. For easy mobile access our script comes with mobile templates.

Location Subdomains

Filter ads by location and keep the selected location for each guest on each visit. Use subdomains to express the current location right in the site url.

Google Maps

Allow your listing publishers to choose an accurate location using Google Maps. This feature is available regardless of your location!

Seo Friendly Links

Help your site being indexed better and ranked higher by search engines using Search Engine Friendly links! Other SEO features are available.

Multi-language Support

Publish your classifieds site in more than one language. Your guests will be able to switch to desired language right from the site front-end.

Ready to go Classifieds

Great looking Web2.0 designs. Easy to administer through web administrator interface. No HTML or programming knowledge needed!